J. Todd Baker is a loving husband and proud father of seven (7) wonderful children. Although he has received awards and recognition both academically and professionally, having obtained leadership positions in two separate careers, his single greatest achievement is his family.

Todd’s ongoing pursuit of personal development and the realization that life is far to short to squander time, has prompted him to take action and begin working at financial independence.

The result is the formation of Narrow Path Productions, LLC. An online business that exemplifies Todd’s passions and areas of interest. He is very excited about its potential and enthused by the opportunities that its success will afford him.

Todd’s Personal Detail

My name is Todd, and I am Gen X-er enjoying life in Tampa Bay, Florida. I am blessed with a beautiful, loving wife and children. My biggest joy is spending time with them.

Currently, I work a full-time gig as a web developer with in small company in Clearwater. It is a solid job and I thoroughly enjoy the people in the office.

However, the time spent at my job away from my family is beginning to make me think about things differently. Time is moving by so quickly and my kids seem to pass from infant to toddler to kid to adolescent at a freakishly fast rate.

Realizing how much I miss out while I am away working has motivated me to put a plan in place that can allow me to have a different lifestyle in time.

One that allows me to be present and fully engaged in the daily activities of my family…

One that will allow and provide the means to do the things that my family and I want to do…

One where I get to choose and dictate the outcomes.

Now I know that this will not happen overnight, but with diligence, it is possible that within a few years I may be able to overcome my dependence on working for someone else.

Then I can declare my Financial Independence and be the one living the dream…